About Myself

Gerd Suhr

UI Engineer and Web App Developer

Front-end coder and all-around web developer from DeLand, FL who is focused on clean and efficient code. I've been doing web development for 17 years with a wide collection of skills and experience. I like clean efficient designs and code. When I'm not coding and drinking too much coffee, you'll find me enjoying music, sports, the outdoors or spending time with my beautiful wife.

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Bootstrap

  • Sass

  • {less}


  • Gulp

  • webpack

  • Git

Work Experience

Dec. 2017 May 2015


Senior Software Engineer

Front End UI engineer at LexisNexis for 2+ years. Worked on the UI for Population Healthcare Monitor and Population Healthcare Monitor (SaaS) dashboard analytics applications. Solved numerous complex UI rendering issues/bugs and cross browser issues which reduced time to market and enabled tight deadlines to be met. Restructured CSS Spaghetti hell to using LESS.
Tech: JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, D3.js, dataTables.js, Lodash.js, Mustache.js, Bootstrap 3,

April 2015 April 2014

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Senior Lead Software Engineer

Senior team lead of 4 developers. Maintained, and enhanced over 250 internal administrative business applications used in day to day operations as well as a public CMS website. Built 2 new applications from scope to deployment, Implemented change control, source/version control and a dev/QA/production environment.
Tech: Coldfusion, MSSql, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap 3, LESS/CSS

Feb. 2014 Oct. 2005

The Institute of Internal Auditors

Senior Applications Developer

I worked at The Institute of Internal Auditors for 9 years. During that time I was the only web developer. I developed many applications from scope to deployment on both the Coldfusion and SharePoint platforms. I did all the front and back end coding for internal applications as well as multiple content management systems and 3 public facing websites.
Tech: Coldfusion, SharePoint, MSSql, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, CSS

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